Sunday, March 10, 2013

La Madama

La Madama is part of Caribbean and Latin American Spiritism but has been included in southern Hoodoo practices for many years. La Madama is called upon for instructions on healing, divination, spellwork, protection from negative energies, maintaining finances, spiritual cleansings and dream prophecies.

La Madama represents the female protective and empowerment energies in families. She is also known as La Negra and La Conga. She is the protector of tarot readers and many rootworkers. To call upon La Madama, place an image, statue or doll on an altar along with seven or nine brightly colored scarves tied together.

Offerings to her include healing herbs, flowers, red fabric, cowrie shells, tarot cards, cigarettes and strong black coffee. Light a candle to her in a quite dark room and listen carefully for her to speak. She speaks bluntly and will tell you what you need even if you don't want to hear it.

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  2. La madama is not in hoodoo she is a spirit guide of thousands of different dead individuals that must be discovered through the mediumship tradition known as espiritismo. You probably do not have one but a gypsy, indian, asian, child spirit, elemental, mariner, congo, african spirit such as the 7 african powers from each tribe (not orisha), an arabian, a nun or priest etc etc etc you cannot just work with them because you want to...and they prefer light. Not every madama is a congo/a or la negra


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