Sunday, January 22, 2012

Amplify Your Sensuality with a Pomba Gira Sachet

To celebrate and amplify your own sultry demeanor, create a fragrant, dry botanical sachet using some of Pomba Gira’s herbs infused with perfume and oils. Use the sachet to scent clothes and linen on shelves and in drawers and suitcases or simply keep on your altar or even in your pillowcase. If possible, create this sachet during a full moon on a Friday. Use the following ingredients:

  • cassia
  • cinnamon
  • anise
  • star anise
  • rose petals
  • pinch of crossroads dirt obtained from a three-way crossroads (leave a coin and some tobacco in exchange)

Add your favorite sweet perfume along with 3 drops of rose oil. Wrap everything in a red fabric bag tied with red and black ribbon. Enjoy!


  1. The blog looks great! Keep up the great work! I don't know how u find the time hun! =)

  2. Thank you! It's all in a day's work:)

  3. I bet it smells great! I love the licorice-esque smell of star anise, and the rose versus the cinnamon and cassia must make it really complex of an aroma, especially with the crossroads dirt steeped in.

  4. You know David, I have been making a crossroads oil for some time and i swear it doesn't seem to matter how long it steeps,it is the cleanest smelling oil ever. Go figure!

  5. Which Pomba is this made for? Also, what denomination of coin should be left? Some Pombas are very particular.


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