Friday, January 27, 2012

Creole Anisette for Pomba Gira

One of Pomba Gira's standard offerings is Anisette. Here is a recipe for Anisette that you can make yourself from the recipe file of my auntie who introduced me to the crossroads spirits many, many years ago. She always said the spirits like it when we take the time to make their offerings and give us extra blessings when we do.

She always said true Anisette doesn't have any licorice in it like some people think. It's the aniseed that gives it is unique flavor. This recipe make a strong liqueur so be careful if you plan on imbibing a little yourself.

Creole Anisette

10 drops of oil of Aniseed
3 pints of alcohol
4 cups of the finest white clarified loaf sugar
1 1/4 pints of water

Make a syrup with the water and sugar and clarify. When cold, add the aniseed oil, which has been well dissolved in the alcohol. Mix all well, filter, and bottle tightly. Keep in a cool, shady place.

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  1. What kind of alcohol? vodka, something clear, etc?


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