Sunday, March 10, 2013

La Madama

La Madama is part of Caribbean and Latin American Spiritism but has been included in southern Hoodoo practices for many years. La Madama is called upon for instructions on healing, divination, spellwork, protection from negative energies, maintaining finances, spiritual cleansings and dream prophecies.

La Madama represents the female protective and empowerment energies in families. She is also known as La Negra and La Conga. She is the protector of tarot readers and many rootworkers. To call upon La Madama, place an image, statue or doll on an altar along with seven or nine brightly colored scarves tied together.

Offerings to her include healing herbs, flowers, red fabric, cowrie shells, tarot cards, cigarettes and strong black coffee. Light a candle to her in a quite dark room and listen carefully for her to speak. She speaks bluntly and will tell you what you need even if you don't want to hear it.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Madrina Angelique's Food As Medzen

Madrina Angelique's Food As Medzen Hint: Eat one tablespoon of LOCAL honey daily for seasonal allergies.
Madrina Angelique's Food As Medzen Recipe: Immune Boosting Soup
1 onion (Protection, Healing, Wealth, Prophetic Dreams
2 (or more) cloves garlic (Protection, Healing)
1 inch piece of ginger root (Love, Wealth, Success, Power)
2 medium carrots (Fertility, Abundance)
1 cup of fresh spinach (Psychic Awareness)
1 cup of mushrooms (Healing, Sympathetic Magic)
2 sticks celery (Enhancing mental and psychic power)
Sea salt (table salt is nothing more than sodium chloride, with aluminum oxide to keep the salt free flowing where as sea salt has essential minerals)
Black pepper (Protection, Exorcism)
1 tablespoon olive oil (Blessings)
1 ½ pints low sodium organic chicken stock
Add everything to a stock pot and simmer for about 2 hours on low.
Strain and drink the broth for a boost your immune system.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food As Medzen

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates 460 - 359 BC

By Madrina Angelique

This series of Food As Medzen in Hoodoo and Conjure is to help us as magical practitioners become the healthiest and best spiritual elders we can be. Food as medicine has been around since the beginning of time. Chinese and Indian medical practitioners have combined spiritual awareness and food as healing for thousands of years with spectacular results. In our modern society, with all of our scientific break throughs and time saving devices, we have forgotten the simple act of eating. When we have to read mysterious ingredients that are hard to pronounce and have no idea what they are on a package, that should be a red flag. An apple doesn't have an ingredient list.

Have you ever gotten up in the morning feeling hung over when you consumed no alcohol the night before? Do you get up in the morning feeling just as tired as when you went to bed? That began to happen to me several years ago in my mid forties. My focus was gone, I was tired all the time. I began to do some research on food as medicine. What I found out was amazing. As I did more and more research, I began to wonder how the toxins I had been eating effected my magical practice. It dawned on me that the negative energies, chemicals and poisons I had been consuming had a direct link to the energies I put forth in my workings. As a society, we have become obsessed with finding the "magic" pill, the quick fix to whatever ails us, both in the mundane and magical world. It seems that the "faster" our food gets, the "faster" we want a magical fix to all of our problems.

The first thing I did was remove all canned, boxed and processed foods from my diet and begin eating natural real foods and practicing what is called conscientious eating. Conscientious eating is the practice of asking yourself where does this food come from, what is in it that I need and how does this food effect the environment.

One of the things I began doing was comparing the magical properties of herbs and foods to healing properties. Lemons were the first foods I used. Lemons are often used for cleansing in workings. Lemon also cleanses the liver when squeezed in warm water and consumed every morning. I found out margarine is 3 chemicals away from being plastic and shares over 25 ingredients with wall paint, so I went back to real butter and just eat less. The sodium, chemicals, toxins, poisons and nitrates in these types of foods are a direct link to many of the illness's over 80% of the US population suffer from. As I began to make small changes in my eating habits, I found the body has an amazing ability to heal it's self. And when the body is healed, the soul is empowered. When the soul is empowered, the workings become more focused and stronger. As magical practitioners, we are more susceptible to the energies around us and the energies of the food we consume. Food for us should be a power source, not an energy vampire. Eating a vegetable that has been cooked beyond recognition, a piece of fruit laden with pesticide or a piece of meat processed inhumanely brings those energies and toxins into our bodies and our souls. And it is my belief that these negative energies compromise our spiritual workings. Be well !

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