Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to Crossroads Mojo!

Welcome to our new blog! We will be posting information related to our products and services as well as announcements and information related to the crossroads Spirits we honor.

The first thing we would like to point out to you is the development of new informational pages at of the various Crossroads Spirits. Our first page is devoted to Pomba Gira and features an excerpt from Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly  #2 written by the Crossroads Mamas called Pomba Gira, The Enchantress of Brazilian Quimbanda. If you haven't gotten the latest issue of HCQ #2 yet, check it out. If you have gotten your copy, you should still check it out for more information about this powerhouse Spirit.

Pomba Gira is a spirit that is easy to relate to in that her imagery in her many manifestations is related to the everyday animal instincts and desires of people (vices, lust, indulgences, etc). She is very human, with concerns of the flesh and material nature, and shares in our human weaknesses. Pomba Gira, as well as the many Exus, are often considered amoral because they will fight the fight of justice and will destroy enemies without concern for morality and do so with complete and utter self-service in mind. This is one reason why she is considered by some to be dangerous to work with because she is called upon by people of varying moralities. The person who works with her can energize her dangerous nature or her helpful nature, depending on how she is petitioned and which path is petitioned. (Alvarado & Angelique, 2012).

Til next time, see you at the crossroads!

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